Alex Davies Waruingi Mbugua – Three Reasons to Consider Volunteerism

Alex Davies Waruingi Mbugua is aware that volunteerism is one of the foundational elements that helps develop a healthy, thriving society. As a youth football coach and mentor serving with Big Brothers Big Sisters in New York City, Alex Davies Waruingi Mbugua is dedicated to empowering others to take up volunteer opportunities in a capacity that reinvigorates and supports worthy causes in New York City and beyond. Alex Davies knows that the following reasons are just a few benefits on a very long list of reasons why everyone should consider volunteering.

  • Volunteering fills gaps that a capitalist society cannot always fill. There are too many worthy organizations that simply need assistance that will not be able to fund a paying position, and volunteerism helps make it possible for these entities to continue doing their good work without going under, such as homeless shelters or soup kitchens. It’s simply good for society.
  • Volunteering can open up new career options. For those who are looking to become career changers, donating your time to an organization or cause that you are interested in can help you develop both the skills and the network that you may need to begin a new job.
  • Donating your time to a cause that you’re passionate about connects you with other like-minded people. Volunteering together is an excellent way to build community and rally together to support a greater cause.

Alex Davies Waruingi Mbugua is devoted to creating a safer, healthier environment for New York City’s youth. Alex Davies is an assembly technician at a respected food processing company and hopes to hold a management position one day.


Author: Alex Davies Waruingi Mbugua

Alex Davies Waruingi Mbugua deeply enjoys international travel because of the opportunities to experience a variety of people, places, and cultures first-hand that he would never have seen otherwise. Alex Mbugua enjoys trying his hand at new languages and always looks forward to his next trip.