Alex Davies Waruingi Mbugua Improves Production Quality and Efficiency

Alex Davies Waruingi Mbugua’s effectiveness when working with his fellow employees propelled him to the position of team leader, where he has concentrated on improving production both in quality and in speed.  Mbugua hopes now to rise still further in a management role, aspiring to promotion by 2018.

As a manager, Alex Davies Waruingi Mbugua will need to have excellent communication skills to execute the directives of his superiors as well as working with team members under him.  Alex Davies Waruingi Mbugua will need to learn to delegate, as a manager who now assigns work projects and directives to those under him.

Alex Davies Waruingi Mbugua will encounter new responsibility for difficulties and situations which may develop.  His capacity for dealing positively with conflict and maintaining a decisive aspect will tell the tale of his managerial success.

Motivated and enriched by community work Alex Davies Waruingi Mbugua volunteers his time to work with at-risk teens, gladly acting as both a mentor and a tutor to redirect young lives


Author: Alex Davies Waruingi Mbugua

Alex Davies Waruingi Mbugua deeply enjoys international travel because of the opportunities to experience a variety of people, places, and cultures first-hand that he would never have seen otherwise. Alex Mbugua enjoys trying his hand at new languages and always looks forward to his next trip.

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