Alex Davies Waruingi Mbugua: Volunteer for Literacy for All


Alex Davies Waruingi Mbugua has worked as a team leader for a food ingredient and product manufacturing company in New York City since 2013. In 2016, he was made a team leader for his excellent motivational, communication, and leadership skills he showed on the factory floor. He plans on earning another promotion to management by 2018 as he broadens his career in food processing and manufacturing. Mbugua has also been a volunteer tutor for the nonprofit organization Literacy for All since he started working at the factory.

Literacy for All is a local, New York City organization dedicated to the spread of literacy throughout the city and the surrounding area. Alex Davies Waruingi Mbugua became a tutor because he felt he had something to offer his community after he started his promising career. Mbugua is one of dozens of tutors in several areas of the city working with children to help them improve their reading and writing skills. Literacy for All trains tutors willing to give back to their community by giving the gift of literacy to people who need extra training. Literacy for All only selects a few new tutors once every six months and puts them through their proprietary training system where they learn how to apply their reading and writing skills to teaching young students how to make sense of the world in a new way.

Alex Davies Waruingi Mbugua has worked with several children as a tutor, forming relationships with each of his pupils so that they learn much more than how to read and write from him—they learn about life.


Alex Davies Waruingi Mbugua: Three Keys to Success as a Manufacturing Industry Worker

Alex Davies Waruingi Mbugua, in his short career so far in wellness food manufacturing, has already found great success by working well with his teammates and creating opportunities for success for his team, his managers, and his company. Mbugua is trying to become a manager in his factory by 2018.

Alex Davies Waruingi Mbugua earned a promotion to team leader in 2016 for his ability to help others succeed in the manufacturing system the company has in place to ensure success. He has learned many things about being an effective worker in the manufacturing industry, including:

  • Embrace change and open communication. Effective factories are always ready for and embrace innovation and change in their industry as it affects their factory and jobs. Alex Davies Waruingi Mbugua has never been shy about communicating with his managers as well as his teammates to improve production and efficiency.
  • Demand fair pay and benefits. Mbugua didn’t have to worry about unfair pay and benefits in his career. Strangely low wages and few benefits are signs of an ineffective manufacturing company that doesn’t value their workers or their products.
  • Respect for all. Respect is a two-way street and it must be given to everyone in a factory setting. From the production equipment itself to the managers and technicians in charge or running that equipment to the customers of the products, respect is a needed attribute in the production process.

Alex Davies Waruingi Mbugua has helped himself in his career by always remembering how effective manufacturing companies operate and by demanding respect of himself and those around him.

Alex Davies Waruingi Mbugua – Three Ways to Be an Effective Team Leader

Alex Davies Waruingi Mbugua, a team lead at a highly successful New York-Based food processing company, knows that there is both a science and an art to effective team leadership. Having been promoted in 2015 to a leadership position, he understands the importance of promoting efficiency while focusing on supporting those on his team by using the following methods:

  • Excellent team leaders know that communication is key. Both written and verbal communication skills are necessary to create a smooth and streamlined environment with high performance. Each team member should know exactly what they should be doing and how they should be doing it as a result of successful instruction and delegation. When any errors in communication take place, team leaders know to handle the situation promptly and respectfully.

Efficient team leaders should be strategic and set their members up for success. Having excellent organization skills is crucial to being able to see all of the moving parts at once to discern how they all fit together.

  • The best team leaders always treat their team members with respect, regardless of the situation. By encouraging and empowering employees to work creatively and diligently, team leaders seek to support instead of dictate. Managing situations with a high level of emotional intelligence and sensitivity increases the likelihood of team members feeling heard and understood.

Alex Davies Waruingi Mbugua is fascinated by the psychology of leadership and hopes to hold a management position one day at his current company. He has worked in the manufacturing industry since graduating from high school.

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